Are you a musician looking to broaden your talents? Noriko can show you what is necessary to help you to become a professional.


A private lesson with Noriko can include:

Song Writing: Learn how to come up with basic chord progressions + write a melody to bring your idea to life.

Sight Reading: Learn how to read music so you are able to sing/play the notes at a glance. The sign of a true pro.

Ear Training: The skill of identifying pitch, chords & rhythm solely by hearing.

Soloing/Improvising: Learn how to tell your story with music. Exercise fluency and broaden your vocabulary with scales & more.

Self-accompaniment: How to accompany yourself and methods to make your delivery true and convincing.

Re-harmonizing: Mandatory for Jazz, R&B, Gospel & World music.

Re-arrange: Noriko can rearrange the song of your dreams to fit your level.

Looking for guidance? Get in touch with Noriko.


This is geared towards singers & actors who need to practice for their auditions.

For a small fee, Noriko can make an accompaniment in your key.

Wings of a Swan – Piano

I Won’t Last A Day Without You – Piano